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8 Column Waterfall Rack

8 Column Waterfall Rack
    Made in the USA

    Price: $676.00

    Item Code: 8Cx14Rx10D

    Dimensions: 68-1/4"H x 45-3/4"W x 10"D
    Wood Specie: Maple
    Storage Capacity: 84 bottles.
    Unfinished rack typically ships in 7 business days.
    Finished rack typically ships in 10 business days.

    Shown here in unfinished Maple. Store your wine in 8 columns of wood with this decorative rack. Easily attaches to our other wine cellar racks. Height of lower end of waterfall is 33-3/4". Rack can be setup with slope of waterfall going left to right or right to left.
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