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Wine Cellar Layouts

Sample Wine Rooms

Wine Closet Design

A 72" wide x 59" deep oversized closet features double deep and single deep bottle racks with stemware holders added to complete the cellar. Stemware holders can be added to any size rack and postioned at a height of your choosing within the vertical space of that rack. Total bottle storage capacity for this cellar is 714 bottles.

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A Unique Wine Cellar With Different Style Racks

109" deep and 57 1/2" wide dimensions provided plenty of space to design the cellar with several styles of racking. This layout with it's cascading waterfall racks and half-height corner racks gives the feeling of more space as you walk through the wine cellar. Case storage was included and an open space was created between the corner wine racks for the owner's antique wine bottle opener! Display shelves were added for more visual interest. The bin style racks make everyday wines simple to store yet maximize capacity. Although much wall space is left unused, 390 bottles of wine can be stored with shelf space for 16 cases of wine.

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A Custom Wine Cellar Assembled Out Of The Box!

The wine racks were assembled out of the box using only an allen wrench! The cellar owner used no cutting, glueing, nailing, or drilling to build the custom wine cellar show below. The solid decorative tops feature a 2" fascia and a beaded cove molding for a crown molding effect at the top of the racks. A matching countertop was designed to match the higher rack tops. To complement the 90" tall corner racks the arch wine rack was placed for maximum visibility through the wine cellar door.

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Custom Wine Racks For A Home Wine Cellar

This design was created to maximize storage and create a one-of-a-kind look! Double and triple deep custom wine racks with display shelves were built for maximum capacity in this cellar. The spaces between the wood racks contained pre-existing metal wine racks. The owner supplied his own countertop for the corner of his room which was placed above 22" deep racking. A 10" deep corner wine rack completes the look while giving enough countertop space to open bottles. Mahogany finish was used to match the wine cellar decor!

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