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Proper Wine Storage

Cool, dark, and humid does the trick.

Constant conditions are ideal for wine

Wine faces many adversaries in its fight to mature properly. Proper temperature, lighting conditions, humidity control, and movement all play a role in proper wine storage. If you plan to store wine for any amount of time, conditions need to be met in order to keep your wine safe. Storage units should ease these problems and keep your wine safe. Consistent as opposed to exact conditions mature wine best.

Proper temperature for wine storage

Wine storage can be done safely in temperatures barely above freezing up to about 70 degress farenheit. Remember also that wine matures at a faster rate at higher temperatures. Between 45 - 55 degrees farenheit and humidty between 60%-70% is a superlative range in which to store wine. A constant wine storage temperature is what you should be striving for. Recurring changes in wine storage temperature can be detrimental to your wine.

High humidity levels keep moisture inside the bottle thus preventing evaporation through the cork. Humidity levels that are too high often cause micro-organisms to grow which can age your wine prematurely or even spoil your wine.

Lighting conditions and bottle size play a factor

Colored bottles help shield the exposure of your wine from sunlight and other forms of light, which can be as damaging as changes in temperature. For proper wine storage your wine should not rely on colored bottles alone. Store your wine in dark condtions to keep your wine safe.

Remember also that bottle size also plays a part in storing wine. Air is an enemy of wine! Wine stored in bottles has a certain amount of air space or ullage which is the amount of the bottle that is void of wine.

For most bottle styles, the larger the bottle the less air space per mililiter of wine, resulting in better storage conditions. Larger bottles such as magnum sized bottles age wine better and increase the lifespan of most wines. Generally, the bigger the bottle size the better the wine will age!

Limit movement with proper horizontal wine storage units

The Wine Rack Shop offers unique wine storage units for your wine. It ensures that sediment is settled and your wine is ready for consumption when you need it. And don't forget to put the label up! It's easier to find what you're looking for and see sediment deposits on the side opposite the label. Horizontal wine storage will keep wine in contact with the cork. A dry cork can cause water to evaporate through the cork, which is not an ideal condition.

Wine storage with our racking system can be done easily to protect bottle labels, to store bottles horizontally, to stand up to wine cellar conditions and allow for proper wine storage. Start your collection today!