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Store wine in your cellar with our display options.

Increase your storage options with corner racks, bin storage and display shelves.

The owner of the wine cellar wanted different storage and display options for their wine . Having the cellar look appealing yet functional was important to them.

The Wine Rack Shop used corner wine racks for the inside corners opposite the cellar door. Outside corners were used on either side of the door. 90" high racks were used for the entire room.

The Design

The Wine Rack Shop easily used 5 types of storage racks for this cellar. Wine case storage was included with solid shelving. Diamond bin racks were placed opposite the door for an attractive look upon entering the cellar. The opening on the East wall for the cooling unit was the only obstacle in the room.

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plan view of wine cellar
elevation view
uprights waiting for assembly

Assembling The Racks

The corner racks were assembled first using 5 uprights. Shelves were attached to the uprights using nuts and bolts through pre-drilled holes.

Corner wine racks are a great way to give your cellar that custom look and feel when attached to other types of racks as seen below.

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corner shelves
corner wine rack
corner rack attached to bin rack

Diamond Bin And Display Racks

The builder assembled the bin racks using the assembly instructions and attached them to the corner units.

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diamond bin racks partially assembled
bin racks and display shelves
a view from outside the wine cellar

corner of room covered in racks
bin racks attached to corner racks and display shelves above
bin connected to corner and straight racking on other side

Display shelves and standard bottle shelves were unpacked and installed using the simple nut and bolt configuration.
shelves ready to be installed
installing a display shelf
installed shelf

Wine Case Storage

Solid shelves are great to store cases of wine. They are integrated into the cellar rack system in the same fashion as the individual bottle shelves. The pre-drilled holes in the uprights spaced at 1-1/4" intervals allow the shelves to be spaced at the builder's discretion! The shelves will not interfere with the cooling system to be installed.
opening for cooling unit
wine case storage rack
east wall of wine cellar

The Wine Cellar Door

A white oak door put the finishing touches on the cellar. Featuring iron bars, insulated glass and antique strap hinges, The Wine Rack Shop treats its cellar doors as they would any exterior door, the white oak being an excellent insulator keeping your cellar at a constant temperature.
wine cellar door closed
1 door open looking into the cellar
view of racks from door
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