mahogany finished wine cellar racks

More Than Just Wine Storage!

Your rack becomes a piece of furniture for any room.

In your wine tasting room, dining room, kitchen, or cellar, the finish on our racks turns on the charm! Available for any rack you see on our site, our finishes make displaying your wine bottles an attractive complement to any setting. Enjoy the grain of Maple with the added look of Mahogany, Cherry, Black Matte, Rich Tobacco, Antique Slate, Distressed Black, or Natural finishes. Select the option to best fit your décor.

Finished racks are stained, sealed and lacquer topcoated for maximum visual appeal!

Mahogany Finish

Achieve the look of deep auburns, maroons, and dark reds. Our Mahogany finish can give the appearance of many colors depending on the lighting situation.

Cherry Finish

Medium brown with a hint of red. Our Cherry finish shows slightly more wood grain than our Mahogany finish.

Black Matte

Classic Black Matte will show no wood grain but makes a great complement or contrast to any existing wood trim or woodwork.

Clear Finish

Lacquer provides a smoothe finish and slight sheen and allows Maple's natural light cream color to show through.

Rich Tobacco

Deep, dark cocoa bean color. Rich and full in color while showing Maple's grain.

Antique Slate

Create a modern look for your racks. Gray with a hint of steel blue pairs nicely with Maple's grain.

Distressed Black

Give your racks that stylish, old-fashioned country appeal. Each piece we do turns out unique with burnished edges and weathered faces!


Brings out Maple's naturally beautiful grain while remaining light in color.