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What Size Bottles Will Fit?

750ml and Magnum Bottle Racks

750ml and magnum bottle racks fit into our racks
Bottle Style Does it fit?
Half Bottle YES
Bordeaux YES
Burgundy YES
Mosel and Alsace YES
Pinot YES
Champagne YES
Magnum Magnum Racks


Single Depth and Double Deep Sizes:

10" deep and 22" deep is ideal for wall storage. The 20" depth is perfect to store wine bottles two-deep and enable access to your wine from either side of the rack.

Side view of 10" deep rack
Perfect for storage against walls or within cabinets!

Side view of 20" deep rack
Can be used as an island in the middle of a room with access from either side.

Side view of 22" deep rack
Highly recommended for maximum storage.