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3D Wine Cellar Design

We layout your space using our wooden wine racks

The versatility of our racks can fill almost any space or condition. Wine collectors can never have enough space for their growing collection. We can maximize your storage yet bring out your cellar's beauty.

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Helpful Tips

  • Consider your needs over time.
  • Evaluate your cellar's location with regard to wine's potential enemys.
  • What bottle sizes do you plan to store; magnum or 750ml bottles.
Taking measurements for the dimensions of your room is a critical part of your design. Measure the length of each wall in your cellar or space. Account for space occupied by cooling units, ductwork, doors, and wood trim. Make sure that in-swinging cellar doors have enough room to open and close.

If you want a close fit with your wine racks and ceiling measure your ceiling height in several different locations to find the lowest point. And remember, walls are not always plumb and square! Although you want your cellar to be a low-traffic area to help with your wine's maturity, you will want to allow yourself room to move about and to easily access your wine bottles.

A passive or active cellar?

Passive wine cellars already include the proper wine storage conditions needed for wine to mature. Active wine cellars seek to imitate these same atmospheric surroundings. When designing for an active wine cellar consider the placement of your humidity and cooling devices and their controls or switches. Passive cellars will not be burdened by these devices.

A case study in wine storage

The problem: Design wine cellar storage to fit 2,500 wine bottles into 130 square feet!


With many depth, height and width options, we were able to custom fit the wine racks perfectly along the walls of this pentagonal shaped room. A 20" deep wine rack stored 768 bottles in a center aisle to allow easy access from either side. Having 92 inches in height with which to work, 18 rows of rack shelving rose all the way to the ceiling.

The wall with the Breezaire cellar cooling unit and humidifier needed a rack with less height to allow those units to do their work efficiently. Ceiling ductwork was another issue that was handled by simply using a shorter rack. The outswinging cellar door was not a problem and racks were neatly snugged up against the rough opening seen in the pictures below.

Step 1: Planning

A plan view drawing of the room was done. The cellar designer needed to position storage racks for 2,500 standard and half bottles into the space alotted. Consideration was made for lighting, ductwork, the breezaire cooling unit, the door's rough opening and the overall height from tile floor to drop ceiling.

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Step 2: Unpacking the racks

After the racks were unpacked, the shelving was easily separated by widths and depths to speed up assembly time.

The kits include all hardware with no tools needed other than an allen wrench!

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Step 3: Installation

The cellar owner used the plans provided to install the wooden wine racks in his cellar. Notice in third image below how the ten inch deep racks were attached to the 22 inch deep rack to keep the wall unit together to form one unit in the cellar.

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A well designed wine cellar should provide easy access to your wine. For this particular cellar layout the 20 inch deep shelving used for the island in the center of the room allows access to wine bottles from either side.

Selecting the right combination of racks for the center island and south cellar wall was essential to avoid the ceiling ductwork yet still maximize storage!

Step 4: Wrapping up

A 2,520 bottle wine cellar assembled right out of the box. No professional installers needed! How long did it take for installation? 2 men, 2 allen wrenches and 9 hours later the wine cellar racks were setup and bottles were moved into their new home!

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