72 inch tall wine storage racks

Horizontal Wine Storage

Wine racks should store your wine the right way.

Tilted Wine Storage

As you can see, this method insures the sediment is at the bottom of the bottle which is ideal, but at the same time the cork is not kept moist in the bottle which will cause the cork to shrink and eventually allow air to reach your wine. Tasting your wine for maturity makes this method more risky as you increase the ullage or air space in your bottles! Some wooden wine racks are constructed to store wine this way to prevent bottles from falling from racks in earthquake prone areas.

If you do store wine in this manner you should rotate your bottles to ensure all sides of the cork remain moist. Of course, disturbing your wine to rotate it isn't an easy job if you're storing thousands of bottles and certainly won't help with aging your wine.

At first glance this would look like a great way to store wine. The cork will stay moist even with a less than full bottle! But... the sediment falls toward the neck of the bottle. When you turn this bottle to it's upright position the sediment will stick in the neck of the bottle and when the cork is popped your wine will be spoiled by sediment when you go to pour.

Vertical Wine Storage

Long term wine storage with bottles in the vertical position will not keep your wine safe. The cork will dry out, air will enter your bottles and your wine will be ruined. Vertical storage of bottles only works for short term storage with wines that are intened to be consumed while young. That said, not all wine is made to lay down and mature.

Horizontal Wine Storage

This is the perfect situation in which you want to age wine. Wooden wine racks are the simplest, most cost effective way to store your bottles in a horizontal position. Because your wine bottles are horizontal your cork remains moist and swelled which prevents your wine from unwanted air contact.

Sediment, which is shown in the image falls to the side of the bottle, far enough away from the cork end of the bottle to prevent spoilage when you go to pour your wine.